1. Heidelberg, GER


  2. The old Berlin wall is now in Montreal near the Jacques-Cartier bridge!


  3. Not quite a mapping error but I still found this funny.


  4. Rift in the time-space continuum


  5. A meteorite may have caved in the top of this building


  6. the incredible, melting, neighborhood


  7. While poking around Key West, FL, I noticed it’s been experiencing some shades of gray…50, perhaps?


  8. A bit out of the way for a left turn.


  9. It’s like a portal to the past at the world’s end…

    If I were to put my worst enemy in a car and tell him to drive on that road, I wouldn’t. It’s just too cruel. (near the “Great Ring Junction”, north of Rome)

    I didn’t know they had such bridges in France. Those guys are REALLY weird.


  10. I didn’t realize that Wilkes-Barre, PA was located in the middle the forest, and not next to the Susquehanna River. That would have made things a lot easier a year ago when Tropical Storm Lee caused all that flooding…