1. Capital of Ukraine is Kyiv, not Kylv 


  2. Where is Manly in Sydney?

    It’s certainly not in Balgowlah!


  3. A blurry mix of Summer (Klosters) and Winter (Davos) in Switzerland.


  4. That’s not my name!

    This is actually the University of Leicester, not Southfields University which — to my knowledge — doesn’t exist.


  5. Mecklenburg Western Pomerania is gone lost! Be aware of black holes!


  6. I was almost certain there was an Apple Store right nearby…


  7. Tårnby, Denmark (40’000 inhabitants) has become an island!To get there, take the Öresund bridge, stop half way and… swim? (The island is acctually called Saltholm… and houses a thousand cows)


  8. Apart from a great lack of content - hardly any mention of mosques for example - building outlines obscure roads. It looks like a dodgy copy and paste job that isn’t positioned right.


  9. Apple decided to rename my alma mater (International Christian University) to the easier to remember name of “2”


  10. Stockholm, almost in the middle of nowhere!